Friday, January 30, 2009


We have worked for the rights of pet owners for several decades and have developed an approach to this subject that works for us. As we gets older we appreciate an economy of effort. If we are forced to be out of doors in mosquito country, we make sure that we are thoroughly covered in insect repellant before we leave the house. We don’t want to waste our time swatting at the pesky little buggers.

While we take the threats that PETA, HSUS, and others represent seriously (after all, you can pick up all sorts of nasty diseases from mosquitoes), we do hold those groups in much the same disdain. Therefore, protect yourself with a letter to your elected officials (Use It’s convenient and effective) and make sure this latest swarm by the HSUS never sees the light of day. We would like to think that any politician would see the absurdity of this and reject it out of hand, but since we are allergic to mosquitoes and animal rights activitsts, we’re taking no chances. You shouldn’t either.


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