Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I admit to having a fascination with the state of California (who doesn’t), but I have to admit I went to more shows when I lived on the east coast. After all, it’s 800 miles from one end of California to the other, the same distance between New York NY and Savannah GA. So now the price of gas is lower, you can afford to drive a little further to a dog show.

Boston's Paul Revere Monument and the Old North Church

The Bay Colony Cluster is an impressive group of shows in Boston MA starting tomorrow with the Middlesex County Kennel Club and culminating Sunday with the Eastern Dog Club. These four shows will have entries ranging up to 1600 dogs and should draw some of the country’s top dogs. If you fancy gumbo and gambling, come on down to our Redneck Riviera where the Gulf States Holiday Classic will host four shows in Biloxi MS starting tomorrow. The entries will be larger than last year and the locals will be friendly as ever. Visit Winston-Salem NC for the Christmas Classic cluster, a trifecta hosted by Greater Hickory and Forsyth Kennel Clubs and drawing as many as 1600 dogs, starting Friday.

Miami's South Beach

There are traditional weekend events in both northern Florida and Southern Florida, Lake City (due east of Jacksonville) and Miami, to be specific. Lake City will draw entries of about 1300 and Miami has South Beach. St Cloud MN and Belleville IL will also draw over 1000 dogs for Saturday/Sunday events. Two shows in Ridgefield WA, just north of Portland OR, will draw entries of 1600 to 1700. Out in middle America you will find smaller entries and warmer weather in Amarillo TX and Fayettevill AR. Finally we have a one day show in Gettysburg PA. Must be a special show for football fans and Civil War enthusiasts. Whatever excuse you need, get out to your local show this weekend and see the endangered species we keep in our homes before they disappear.


  1. Hi,
    The first day of Biloxi is over, and Jimmy Moses went Best with Shepherd. The Brussels won the group , the Affen went 2nd. The other group winners were a Golden , a beagle ,a Dobe , a wire fox terrier, and a French Bulldog. I will get a catalogue and get names tomorrow for the rest of the weekend.
    You don't need to post this comment , I just thought you might want the info on the Brussels & Affen for your blog.