Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My wife, a breast cancer survivor, is a tireless advocate of all things healthy. She is mostly vegetarian and will only eat the occasional morsel of fish, chicken, or turkey. Therefore, Thanksgiving is the one holiday that she will enjoy a meal the size consumed by normal humans. She loves Thanksgiving so much, she puts up the Christmas tree early and decorates it with autumn leaves, little pumpkins, and miniature turkeys. So it is with some irritation that she read the following story on every pet lover’s nemesis, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Seems it’s time for PETA’s annual expose on the cruel conditions under which domesticated turkeys are housed and slaughtered. A PETA operative went undercover at a West Virginia farm operated by Aviagen, Inc, a global supplier of turkey. This poultry super sleuth was able to capture Aviagen employees on video killing turkeys by inhumanely “twisting” their necks. Now, I was raised in the big city, but even I got to occasionally visit my great grandmother in the country and witness her “wring” the neck of the unfortunate selection for Sunday dinner. What I found curious was that this would be investigative reporter spent two months at the turkey farm, during which time he must have witnessed the processing of tens of thousands of birds. Now, I will eat anything, as long as it used to have feathers, fur, scales, or a shell, but I’m not sure I could watch the slaughter of turkeys day in and day out. These PETA guys must be really dedicated to participate in all that carnage.

Now I am in a quandry. I've been an outspoken opponent of PETA since they first climbed out from under the rock. Am I going to be giving thanks next week to a PETA member for the that big, perfectly roasted turkey on my Thanksgiving table? We will just have to pretend they are one of us People Eating Tasty Animals.


  1. What frustrates me is that so many gullible people will automatically assume that this video is legit. Let's not forget these freaks associate with KNOWN terrorists! And then there's that whole AGENDA of making us meat-less and pet-less...
    Photoshop, anyone????
    Happy Thanksgiving!