Saturday, October 25, 2008


One of the challenges in bringing you timely, accurate reporting is finding where our top ten dogs are each day. This is a relatively easy task when the dog wins a Group placement or a Best In Show award. However, when a dog manages only a Best OF Breed or, even worse, gets dumped in the breed, we may not learn of the dog’s presence at the show at all. Such was the fate this weekend of two of our top ten dogs Friday.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, CH Coventry Vanity Fair, decided to attempt a limited breed show on Friday in Dixon, CA, hosted by the Northern California Herding Group Association. Limited breed and specialty events bring out folks we don‘t always see at all breed shows. Many of the exhibitors and judges are dedicated breed connoisseurs that only show up at these type events. As such the competition can be especially tough for those exhibitors that are used to focusing on what a Best In Show judge looks for. Carly would not even make it out of the Breed Friday, losing to CH Caamora All Dolled Up PT, bred and owned by Vicki Kirsher & Patricia Seifert of Tehachapi, CA, with Sharon Stone at the other end of the lead.

CH Aquarius Garbo V Tiburon

Meanwhile our Harrier, CH Downhome Family Tradition, did win the Breed at Friday’s Queensboro KC show in West Springfield, MA (OK, he was the lone Harrier entered), but failed to make the top four Hounds, much less advance to the final to watch the Affenpinshcer, CH Tamarin Tug take BIS. Saturday Taser would be seeking greener pastures, fairer skys, and a more agreeable judge in Virginia, but Coda would still not make it to the BIS ring, managing only a Hound Group 2. Too bad, as Judge Roberta C. Davies put up the spectacular Doberman Pinscher bitch, Ch Aquarius Garbo V Tiburon. Aptly named Garbo, this vision was bred by Jim Briley & Ron Babics, is owned by the lucky Margaret Mee of Germansville, PA, and handled by Diego Garcia. For all you people who live where they show Dobermans au natural, take note. This is what a Doberman should look like.


  1. At Saturday's Queensboro KC show in West Springfield MA, Coda lost the Hound Group to the gorgeous up and coming Black & Tan Coonhound bitch, Ch Windbourne High Performance aka "Maserati".

  2. Anonymous, thanks for the informtation. If you can tell us where we can find a photograph of Maserati, we will be happy to post it here.


    Handled by Alessandra Folz.


  5. Anonymous, I couldn't access photo. Can you send it to me at I'm sure Maserati and Alessandra will thank you.

  6. Thanks so much for your very kind comments about Garbo (Ch. Aquarius' Garbo V Tiburon) It was her second show out as a all breed special and we were thrilled.