Wednesday, October 29, 2008


If you are looking for a dog show this weekend, they are few and far between. Six towns will host a total of 19 all breed shows this weekend, Bloomsburg PA, Fort Wayne IN, Irwindale CA, Knoxville TN, Tulsa OK, and Viginia Beach VA. The good news is that so few locations means that some lucky folks are sure to see multiple dogs from the top ten dogs. Fort Wayne is likely to see several of the top dogs with five shows scheduled Thursday through Monday, but Tulsa has the largest entries and AB events Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Virginia Beach has four shows Thu-Sun, but has drawn small entries in years past. The same is true for the three shows in PA and the two in TN. Irwindale only has two shows scheduled, but they should draw 1500 dogs for both Saturday and Sunday, a benefit of being the only shows for 2,000 miles.

CH Tupelo Shoboat Tu China Tu

So where are we in the standings? The good news for our top ten dogs is that they have out distanced the would be spoilers. The number eleven dog, the Pug, CH Tupelo Shoboat Tu China Tu, trails the number ten dog, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, CH Coventry Vanity Fair, by over 5,000 points. It is unlikely the pug or any other dog will crack the top ten in the next eight weeks. Within our little privileged group the scrambling for a higher position is fierce. Number one and number two are separated by only 1500 points, a distance of one BIS at a large event. Numbers three and four are in a virtual tie. Six trails five by only 1400 points. There are fewer than a 1,000 points between seven and eight. Nine trails eight by 2,000 points and leads ten by a scant 1100.

OK, OK…I admit it. I’m a numbers nerd, but from where I sit, a close race and so few shows virtually guarantee changes in the standings come next weekend AND you will read it here first.


  1. Phew, you think 19 shows in one weekend is few??
    Here we're lucky to have two or even one show in a weekend!