Thursday, October 23, 2008


We encourage comments here at Dog Show Poop, especially as it relates to the accuracy of our reports. Much of what you read here is second hand. Obviously we don't witness first hand every Best In Show we report. We rely on a number of sources to help bring an overview of the AKC dog show world to you all around the globe. For most of our reporting we go to the official record , ie, the AKC and the show superintendents’ reports, although we do get reports from on site exhibitors.

We are always happy to correct errors in our reports and are grateful to our readers for keeping us informed. Two recent comments bear mention. One anonymous commentor first suggested that we had posted an incorrect photo of the terrific Swedish import, the Bedlington Terrier, CH Velvety Angel Eyes. Although the photo had appeared on the breeder’s website and had been labeled, we decided to err on the side of caution and replaced the photo. Later we heard from the breeder that the original photo was actually correctly published. In the end, we were left with an improved photo showing both handler and dog.

Today we received a comment that concerns us a great deal. We have since the first posting on this blog reported that the number one dog in the US, the Giant Schnauzer, CH Galilee's Pure Of Spirit, is handled by the well known handler, Bill McFadden. As a statement of fact, Spirit has always been entered as being agented by Bill McFadden. It is a common practice among professional handlers with several clients to enter all dogs under the name of one handler, even though the individual dogs may be routinely handled by other handlers in partnership with the principal in the business.

CH Galilee's Pure Of Spirit and Handler Taffe McFadden

We have been advised, again by an anonymous source, that Spirit is always handled by Taffe McFadden, Bill's wife and handling partner, a distinguished professional in her own right. We have every reason to believe our anonymous commentor is correct and apologize to all for any confusion our reporting has caused. Taffe has done a terrific job with Spirit and we certainly want her to get credit for the job she has done. We will amend our reports to properly show Taffe as the handler of Spirit.

Again, we are grateful for your readership and participation as making this site we can all enjoy together.


  1. Since you're correcting things, you might want to know that the photo of Ch. Jaraluv Ouija is not Ouija. It is of her sire, Ch. Jaraluv Michael.

  2. Again, thanks for the suggested correction. We have replaced the erroneous picture.