Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We tend to focus on the Best In Show ring here at DOG SHOW POOP, but the truth of the matter is most spectators and exhibitors go to a show to see a specific breed. These days, the cost of gas and shrinking disposable income have conspired to reduce the number of entries at shows. It’s always a disappointment to drive several miles to a show only to find that you favorite breed isn’t even present. So when a very large entry materializes in a major metropolitan area, we are in dog show paradise.

Beginning September 18, the “Georgia Classic” Cluster kicks off on Thursday at the Atlanta Expo with a trio of specialty/limited breed shows. The Atlanta Terrier Club and the Greater Atlanta Toy Dog Association will host their respective groups while Prestige Specialty Clubs of Atlanta includes eleven more sporting, hound, working, and herding breeds. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the Douglasville, Atlanta, and Newnan Kennel Clubs host all breed shows. Visit Jack Onofrio Dog Shows at for details. Expect the all breed counts to exceed 2500 dogs at these shows, which will place these shows among the largest this year. And just to be PC, there are 59 Bulldogs entered on Saturday. Go Dawgs!

Because of the size of these shows, expect to see some of those top ten dogs that normally compete only on the west and east coasts to take advantage of Atlanta’s status as the country’s number one airline hub. For you folks in the south, if you are only going to attend one dog show this year, this one promises to be a peach!


  1. This IS one of the BEST shows in the south - I totally agree. I will not be at this one & I am now sick over that fact.
    Anyone that goes - Eat the Greek food at the show site. It, alone, is totally worth the trip there!!!