Thursday, September 26, 2013


GCH CH Deja Vu Mia Cool As A Cucumber

Before we start on today’s results let’s give you the reports we missed from last week.  First from Prospect PA, we bring you Sunday’s Butler County Kennel Club show.  Lawrence Sinclair was the  BIS judge and the English Springer Spaniel, CH Cerise Starlight Express, the Treeing Walker Coonhound, GCH CH Alexanders Gold Rush Xcetera, the Black Russian Terrier, GCH CH Valkyrie's Funny Girl RN, the Sealyham Terrier, GCH CH Efbe's Thunder Rd At Burberry, a Pomeranian from the classes, Magicz I Wanna Be King of Lenette, the Standarde Poodle, GCH CH Ale Kai Hillwood Celebration, and the Briard, GCH CH Deja Vu Mia Cool As A Cucumber, were his finalists.

GCH CH Valkyrie's Funny Girl RN

The two he liked the most were the Briard, Dill, and the Black Russian Terrier, Zoe.  It was the second BIS of the weekend for Dill and his fifth this year.

GCH CH Kan Sing's Tenzin

Down in Deland FL judge Lewis Bayne had the closer for the West Volusia Kennel Club and his pick of the Vizsla, GCH CH Regal Point Pinnacle Of Kilauea JH, the Smooth Dachshund, GCH CH Passport Boy You're One Of My Kind SS, the Rottweiler,  CH Big Beach's You're The One For Me, the Australian Terrier, CH Temora Ri Diercc, the Havanese, CH Yup’s Malibu Dream, the Tibetan Terrier, GCH CH Kan Sing’s Tenzin, and the Australian Shepherd, CH Aussbern Premier Ticket Of Myshara.

GCH CH Passport Boy You're One Of My Kind SS

Finishing one/two were the Tibbie, Tenzin, and the Dachshund, Edgar.  It was the second in a row for Tenzin, the Number Eight Dog in the Standard Poodle dominated Non-Sporting Group.  Tenzin now has five BIS and 41 Group Ones to his credit this year.


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